Current VA Loan Rates

These VA Mortgage rates are not set by the Department of Veteran Affairs. The rates are set by the lender and every lender is different in what they offer.  Please read below for more important information about current VA mortgage rates. To get pre-qualified for a VA Home Loan and lock in your VA interest rate, please call or fill out the simple form to the right and a specialist with a participating VA approved lender will assist you. *APR will vary by the lender based on lender’s specific closing costs.  

The Benefits

Interest rates are a function of the risk associated with a mortgage. Generally, a mortgage with no down payment is considered riskier and has a higher interest rate. However, since the VA mortgages are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, there is much less risk associated with them for lenders and therefore the VA rates are usually better than conventional rates, even with no down payment!

Lower Rates = Lower Monthly Payment

A lower interest rate on a VA Mortgage will lower your monthly payment for a home being purchased or refinanced. If you are buying a home, a lower rate also means you can have a slightly larger amount lent to you. This means you can purchase a more expensive home with the same monthly payment you would have at a higher interest rate on a less expensive home.

The impact of the lower VA interest rate is greater the larger the loan amount is. With Veterans Affairs amounts now having no limit, you are an eligible Vet it is in your best interest to explore the option of a VA Mortgage and get interest rate information from an approved lender. is not a government agency website or affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs. has relationships with VA Loan Specialists who work for VA approved lenders. may share your information with these trusted affiliates in order to assist you.