Update 9-1-2012 12:20PM CST: Due to potential legal issues, we have removed the company name from this post and replaced it with COMPANY NAME.  if you are receiving these calls we suggest you do as the Veteran quoted below did and engage the telemarketers to see which US based lending company contacts you, then contact their management and file complaints with regulatory agencies accordingly.  If you do this, please let us know which U.S. based company contacts you by emailing us at cs@valoancenter.net, as we are trying to help determine if it is one company behind the campaign or several companies purchasing leads from the telemarketing agency.

DISCLAIMER: VALoanCenter.net is only passing along information received as a service to help Veterans with this widespread telemarketing harassment issue.  We have not personally verified the information below and in no way are making a direct allegation that COMPANY NAME is responsible for these phone calls and disregard for the Do Not Call Registry.  Due to a large number of Veterans visiting our website due to this issue, we are providing this information along with some resources to address it and potentially put a stop to the ongoing telemarketing harassment.

Update 9-1-2012 9:30AM CST: Due to the efforts of a Veteran who was receiving these calls, we have some additional information regarding the company that may be playing a part in these harassing phone calls. On 8/31/2012 we received an email transcribed below from a Veteran who decided to engage the telemarketers and see which U.S. based lending institution he wound up in contact with:

“The caller representing themselves as the VA loan center have a caller ID # 1-253-246-8554.  The company behind these creeps is COMPANY NAME.  They called me 21 times in a ten day period.  I am on the National do-not-call list and have been for years.  I finally played along to find out what their pitch was and they asked if they could have a loan counselor call me.  Twenty minutes later I got a call from a counselor who said she was calling as a result of my request and that she was with COMPANY NAME.  I later verified that the number she called from 1-800-XXX-XXXX is associated with COMPANY NAME.  I plan on suing for the do-not-call violations.”

The 253-246-8554 phone number is one of several numbers we have been regularly receiving from Veterans like yourselves as a number that is calling them.  We’ve not been able to verify who these numbers are registered to and there is no indication this number is registered or associated with COMPANY NAME.  It likely belongs to the telemarketing company that has been making these calls.

In our opinion, It seems likely one of two scenarios is behind these calls:

1)      COMPANY NAME has contracted a telemarketing company to make these calls and provided them a database of phone numbers to call or

2)      A 3rd party marketing firm has contracted the telemarketing company to make these calls and when someone asks to be contacted by a loan counselor is selling the lead to mortgage origination companies, and COMPANY NAME is one of or the company purchasing the leads.

Either way, you can try to put a stop to this widespread program by contacting COMPANY NAME to address the issue by looking up their corporate contact information on the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System where you can also file a complaint:


You can also file a complaint with the Federal Do Not Call Registry at this page:



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