Getting a VA Loan with Bad Credit

One of the more frequent questions we get is can someone get a Veteran Affairs home loan with bad credit.  Although the VA guidelines do not have a minimum score, the reality these days is the lenders who issue the loans do have minimum score criteria.  There are a few that will go as low as 600, some to 620 and many set the bar at a 640 FICO score.  The guidelines also require lenders to review your recent credit history over the past 12 months; so if there are some items on your credit that don’t belong there you’ll want to get them removed. Here is what you can do if your score needs improving:

1)      Use a trustworthy credit repair service:

Just a 5-10 point improvement in your score can make the difference for a loan approval or a lower rate.  There are many unreputable credit repair companies that don’t really do much to help improve your score.   That’s why we recommend Lexington Law, in business for 20+ years they are among the largest and most reputable credit repair companies in the U.S.  They offer a free report summary and repair consultation, and if you hire them to help improve your score the fees are reasonable.  Call 855-200-2232 or click the box below to learn how Lexington Law can help you improve your credit score.

Lexington Law Military Small va loans with bad credit

2)      Know and Protect Your Credit Score:

We highly recommend using a credit monitoring service, it’s like an alarm system for your personal identity.  For a low monthly fee, any inquiry or significant change to your credit will be detected and you’ll be alerted immediately. TrustedID offers Best in Class Identity Protection. va loans with bad credit They will provide you with a free credit report and a free 14 day trial of credit monitoring (then as little as $10.42/month for ongoing protection). Click below to get started:

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