There is not any truth to this statement.  The Appraisers are randomly selected by the Department of Veterans Affairs from a pool of registered appraisers in the area of the home purchase. This is done to protect the Veteran borrower and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  They are ensuring that the home is not being purchased for over market value and that the home meets certain safety and quality guidelines.

Most VA approved appraisers are also “regular” appraisers who do appraisals for conventional programs as well. They register with  the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to obtain extra work and provide a service to Veterans. They are not any easier, or more difficult to work with than any other appraiser. Like all appraisers, they are independent 3rd parties hired to assess the value of a property. is not a government agency website or affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs. has relationships with VA Loan Specialists who work for VA approved lenders. may share your information with these trusted affiliates in order to assist you.