Technically there is not a limit on VA loans, however, with most lender the maximum amount will be the conforming loan limit of $548,250. In certain high cost areas the maximum amount may be increased.  There is also a jumbo program where the Veteran borrower must contribute 25% of the amount over the base $548,250 limit.  You can read more about VA Loan Limits at this page.

However, the amount each Veteran borrower (and a spouse if applicable) can get is dependent on their income from their jobs and liabilities or debt payments for things like cars or credit cards. A VA Specialist can help determine the borrower’s debt to income ratio and subsequently tell them the maximum amount they can qualify for. This process is known as Pre-Qualification. is not a government agency website or affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs. has relationships with VA Loan Specialists who work for VA approved lenders. may share your information with these trusted affiliates in order to assist you.