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California is one of the biggest states in the US, with over 36 million residents. Of those 36 million, over 2 million are veterans. The huge population of veterans living in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego means a large number of VA Mortgages are applied for every week in the state.

Why are California VA mortgages better than conventional mortgages?

Clearly, everyone has their own idea of what make something better. However, there are some obvious benefits of acquiring a California VA Home Loan that it would be difficult for anyone to deny.

The cost of living is high in California, even for Veterans and their families. After departing from place like Edwards Air Force Base, Los Angeles AFB, McClellan, or MCAS Miramar, many Veterans and their families are shocked to find out how expensive and difficult finding a home can be.

To make life easier for veterans in their families, the government subsidizes VA Mortgages. As a result, these loans are available at extremely low interest rates and with reasonable monthly payments. Additionally, Veterans in California can quickly begin living their life outside of the military by acquiring a home price as high as $729,000 with no money down.

Is applying for a VA Mortgage in California difficult?

For the most part getting a VA Mortgage in California is a simple process. Veterans need to first contact a VA Specialist, who will then take them through a simple pre-qualification process. Since requirements are not as strict as they are for conventional loans, many applicants will be pre-approved.

Fill out the simple form to the right to contact VA Specialist today to find out how much you can get toward the purchase or refinance of a home in California using your Veteran benefits.



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